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Scholarship ...

Dailey, Thomas.
"Evangelization and Social Communications with Pope Francis."
ORIGINS 43/35 (2/6/2014): 577-582.

Dailey, Thomas.
"John Paul II's Legacy of Social Communications."
Indian Journal of Spirituality 17/4 (2004): 319-331.

Dailey, Thomas.
"The Soulful Homily."
Homiletic & Pastoral Review (May 2000): 56-60.

Mackey, Dom Henry.  (trans. Thomas Dailey, OSFS)
St. Francis de Sales as Preacher: A Study.
Bangalore:  Indian Institute of Spirituality, 1992.

Winklehner, Herbert.  (ed. Thomas Dailey, OSFS)
St. Francis de Sales: Patron of Journalists.
Center Valley, PA: Salesian Center for Faith & Culture, 2004


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