Emergency Alerts & Notices

Whenever an emergency exists or a situation makes it necessary to notify the Saint Charles Seminary community en masse, the Seminar-E Alert & Notification System will be put into effect.

This system helps the Seminary to send emergency text alerts and other important notifications to you quickly during a major crisis or emergency through all of your pre-registered devices (cell phone, text, email, computer, and other hand helds).  By default, campus e-mail and land line phones have been enrolled.  The system will be tested periodically and you will be notified of all tests.

Saint Charles Seminary is a participant in the Montgomery County ReadyNotifyPA account to send alerts and emergency notifications. We strongly encourage your participation since the Seminar-E Alert & Notification System is a voluntary program and you can withdraw at any time.

Students, parents, faculty and employees may join by simply loging in at the ReadyNotifyPA site and going to the 'My Alerts" section listing the enrolled colleges, schools and universities. 

The phone numbers and information you provide will be used for emergency communications only.

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Need to know more?  Then View the PowerPoint presentation on the Seminary Emergency Alerts and Notices System.