Graduate School of Theology

Education for Laity and Religious

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The Graduate School of Theology (GST) was founded in 1969 with the intention of educating the Religious and Laity. Through the years, we have conferred over 1,050 graduate degrees and hundreds of Undergraduate certificates. In addition, each year, GST serves hundreds of students with catechetical programs to teach and promulgate the Catholic faith. Find out more about our programs by following the links below.












Graduate Program - Master of Arts in Theology
(36 Credit Hour, Fully Accredited Program - Year round or Summer Only)

Undergradute Theology - Certificate Programs
(College-level, Fully Accredited. Vatican Diploma Program, Ministry to Black Catholics Certificate, more....)

Catechetical Institute
(Education for Parish Catechists, Catholic School Teachers, and all interested students)

Church Ministry Institute
(small group faith sharing environment)




Summer Religious Resident Students

GST offers a 6-week intensive summer program (the end of June through July). While studies during the summer are open to all students, the Summer Program for Religious is designed to provide Religious Orders with a strong academic program that is complimented by an environment of prayer and community life. Religious tha


t stay at St. Charles during the summer reside in the living facilities on campus and are provided a daily schedule of Mass, Adoration, Benedition, Confession, and common meals. The program is desinged to allow Religious to feel as if they are still living in community and can carry out the daily life of a Religious while studying towards a degree or certificate. The diversity of Religious Orders that send to St. Charles also allows for a healthy interchange and camaraderie amongst more traditional orders.







Simply put, GST offers what cannot be found anywhere else. We offer the laity, religious, and the general public an opportunity to experience the profound richness of Catholic learning at a revered Catholic seminary. Our students benefit from the full-time Faculty of St. Charles and are confident that the education they are receiving is grounded in Catholic tradition and thought, even while promoting an open pursuit of truth through research and dialog. Our students love St. Charles and the experience of the peacful campus, and they are eager to share what they have learned when they complete their studies in GST.










One of the only programs of its kind, GST offers the Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry to Black Catholics (MBC) - a program designed to educate those who evangelize and minister to urban parishes or Catholic communities with a large number of African-American families. Courses include History of Black Catholics and Saints and Leadership and Renewal in Black Catholic Communities. Find out more...