GST Alumni Association

The Graduate School of Theology Alumni Association continues to reach out to Alumi, plan and execute activities, and to provide assistance to the Graduate School of Theology to publicize our programs and academics. Please get in touch with us if you are an MA Graduate. Use this form to send us your contact information.


Mission Statement - Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Theology

The Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Theology (formerly the Religious Studies Division) is a community of men and women dedicated to Jesus Christ and faithful to His Church.  The mission of the Association is to foster an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with the seminary.  The Association collaborates with the administration of the seminary in producing and promoting events, both on and off campus, that will provide opportunities for spiritual renewal, continuing education, meeting with former and current members of the faculty, and networking within the Association.  These gatherings allow members to share their faith experiences while learning of new situations in which they may help advance the Kingdom of God.  The Association seeks to assist graduates in living as disciples of the Lord through their witness of faith, love, and service.