The Roman Catechetical Diploma

The Roman Catechetical Diploma (Vatican Diploma) (24 Credit Program)

Philosophy for Theology
Introduction to Theology
Old Testament
New Testament
Church History
Catechism I: Creed and Sacraments
Catechism II: Morality and Prayer

STS Undergraduate certificate programs are open to any student who has a high school diploma.

Some students enter this program with no college experience and others with an undergraduate degree in another discipline. Some students enroll planning to simply grow in their faith while others are preparing for service in parish ministry. Occasionally, students are co-enrolled at another 4-year university while taking courses in this program at STS. Students may seek to transfer their credits to another college upon receiving their theology diploma as well. The Undergraduate coursework also serves to provide the necessary pre-requisite credits for application to the Graduate Program.

The Undergraduate Program offers two Certificates: the Roman Catechetical Diploma (which is granted with the approval of the Congregation for Clergy of the Holy See), and the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry to Black Catholics (MBC).