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Module 1: Identifying Information


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1.2 Understanding the Internet

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a computer network, in fact a network of computer networks, upon which anyone who has access to a host computer can publish their own documents. One of these networks is the World Wide Web (or just the Web) which allows Internet publishers to link to other documents on the network. The Internet allows transmission of a variety of file types, including non-written multimedia.

Who puts info on the Internet?

There are many kinds of Internet sites that you might find during the course of a search, sites created by different people or organizations with different objectives. The animation to the right under Exercise illustrates some of the types of sites on the Web, using an example search for information about MP3 players.


Every Web page has its own address called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Much like the address on an envelope with a name, street address, city, state, and zip code, each part of a URL provides information about the Web page.

Domain Names

The domain name tells you the type of organization sponsoring a page. It is a three-letter code that is part of the URL and preceded by a "dot." Here are the most common domains.

Domain Description
.edu educational institution
Even though a page comes from an educational institution, it does not mean the institution endorses the views published by students or faculty members.
.com commercial entity
Companies advertise, sell products, and publish annual reports and other company information on the Web. Many online newspapers or journals also have .com names.
.gov government
Federal and state government agencies use the Web to publish legislation, census information, weather data, tax forms and many other documents.
.org non-profit organization
Nonprofit organizations use the Web to promote their causes. These pages are good sources to use when comparing different sides of an issue.
.net internet service providers
.mil U.S. military

In addition, more top level domain names were added in 2001.

Domain Description
.aero for the air transportation industry
.biz general use by businesses
.coop restricted use by cooperatives
.info for both commercial and non-commercial sites
.museum for museums
.name for use by individuals
.pro restricted to professionals and professional entities
Module 1
1.0 Objectives
1.1 Analyzing and Categorizing Information
1.2 Understanding the Internet
1.3 Popular, Scholarly, and Trade
1.4 Primary vs. Secondary
1.5 Formats
1.6 Summary
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