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Module 1: Identifying Information


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1.3 Popular, Scholarly, and Trade

 Popular publications inform and entertain the general public. Magazines like Time and Rolling Stone and books like Michael Jackson : Music's Living Legend by Rosemary Wallner, distributed by Rockbottom Books, are examples of popular sources.

 Scholarly publications disseminate research and academic discussion among professionals within disciplines. Journals such as Memory & Cognition and Journal of Abnormal Psychology are examples of scholarly sources.

 Trade publications which are neither scholarly nor popular sources, though sometimes are a combination of both, allow practitioners in specific industries to share market and production information that improves their businesses.
Module 1
1.0 Objectives
1.1 Analyzing and Categorizing Information
1.2 Understanding the Internet
1.3 Popular, Scholarly, and Trade
1.4 Primary vs. Secondary
1.5 Formats
1.6 Summary
1.7 Self-Quiz


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