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Module 1: Identifying Information


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1.6 Summary

Primary / Secondary / Tertiary vs. Popular / Scholarly

Let's use the example of a celebrity interview to see how this one piece of information could fit into the various categories we have studied so far, depending on how it's used and where it's made available.

  Primary Secondary Tertiary
POPULAR TV Interview with celebrity (Format: audio/visual) Magazine article about celebrity, with quotes (Format: print) Index of interviews with various celebrities (Format: Digital)
SCHOLARLY Interview notes; diary of professor studying media coverage of celebrities (Format: digital) Journal article in Journal of Media Practice based on professor's studies (Format: print and digital) Article listed in a bibliography (Format: Print)
TRADE Interview with celebrity in Variety (Format: print, digital) Story in Advertising Age about celebrity as spokesperson for company, referring to interview in Variety (Format: print, digital) Database of magazine articles (Format: digital)
Module 1
1.0 Objectives
1.1 Analyzing and Categorizing Information
1.2 Understanding the Internet
1.3 Popular, Scholarly, and Trade
1.4 Primary vs. Secondary
1.5 Formats
1.6 Summary
1.7 Self-Quiz









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