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Module 3: Searching

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3.3 Database Exercise

Database Self-Quiz
Instructions: Review the database descriptions at the bottom of this page and then select the appropriate database for each of the two research topics described.
  1. Ethics of stem cell research

  1. Information about assessment in Catholic schools

    ATLA Religion Database

a. Philosopher's Index   b. ATLA Religion Database   c. ERIC
Comprehensive database covering scholarly research in all major fields of philosophy including aesthetics, ethics, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and political and social philosophy.   Index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. Coverage includes the Bible, archaeology, church history, pastoral ministry, world religions, and theology.   Journal articles, books, conference papers, technical reports, and other education-related materials. The world's largest source of education literature.
Module 3
3.0 Objectives
3.1 Databases
3.2 Database Coverage
3.3 Database Exercise
3.4 Records and Fields
3.5 Field Searching
3.6 Creating a Search Query
3.7 Your Search Strategy
3.8 Self-Quiz













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