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Module 4: Locating

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4.2 Reading Citations

Citations represent more than just books and magazines. They represent any written, spoken, or broadcast source, including Web sites, a single chapter from a book, the text of a law or treaty, an interview, or a documentary video. Accurate citations allow you to track down the most difficult-to-find sources, wherever they may be located. Interactive Citation Clues
Reading Citations Self-Quiz
Instructions: Identify the type of source described in the citations below.

  1. Magee, Michael. (2008) "Receiving the Tradition: Three Windows into the Thought of Pope Benedict XVI on the Liturgy." Antiphon. 12 (2) 107-125

  1. Dulles, Avery Cardinal. "The Freedom of Theology." First Things. 2008,

  1. Billy, Dennis J. "Dialoging with Human Experience: A Challenge to Catholic Moral Theology." In: Moral Theology: New Directions and Fundamental Issues. Ed. James Keating. New York: Paulist Press, 2004, 69-87

Module 4
4.0 Objectives
4.1 Citations
4.2 Reading Citations
4.3 Locating Your Source
4.4 Not in the Library?
4.5 Library Organization
4.6 Library Classification
4.7 Self-Quiz






















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