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Module 6: Sharing

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6.1 Transmitting Ideas

Ideas about using non-violent resistance to enact change have passed from person to person.

Thoreau   Gandhi   King   Your Ideas & Research?
Thoreau arrow Gandhi arrow King arrow Your Ideas & Research?

When you research a topic you may use information from articles, books, or the Web to support your ideas. However, you must credit the original authors of these sources by citing them. To cite means that you state where you found the information so that others can find the exact item again. In this way we build upon the ideas and knowledge of other people.

Tips for researching and citing:

  • Take clear, accurate notes about where you found specific ideas.
  • Write down the complete citation information for each item you use.
  • Use quotation marks when directly stating another person's words.
  • Always credit original authors for their information and ideas
Module 6
6.0 Objectives
6.1 Transmitting Ideas
6.2 Parts of a Citation
6.3 Citing Your Sources
6.4 Plagiarism
6.5 Is it Plagiarism?
6.6 Avoiding Plagiarism
6.7 Copyright
6.8 Self-Quiz








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