Intellectual Formation

The Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary Pre-Theology program comprises two years of philosophical studies combined with languages and theology.  The fifth addition of the Program of Priestly Formation (PPF) of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) specifies that a man satisfies 30 credit hours of philosophy and has a basis in Latin and Greek in addition to Spanish (6 hours of Latin, 6 hours of Greek, 6 hours of Spanish).  Eighteen credit hours of theology are also recommended by the PPF.  All of these credit hours are undergraduate credit hours. 

Pre-Theology I

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

LAT 508 Ecclesiastical Latin I

LAT 508 Ecclesiastical Latin II

PHL 509 Ancient Philosophy

PHL 510 Medieval/Early Modern Philosophy

PHL 515 Logic

PHL 511 Epistemology

THL 501 Practical Theological Concepts

PHL Elective

THL 505 History of Christian Spirituality

THL 502 Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

Formation Conference

Formation Conference


Pre-Theology II

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

GRK 507 Biblical Greek I

GRK 508 Biblical Greek II

PHL 501 Philosophy of Man

PHL 502 Ethics

PHL 512 Metaphysics

PHL 516 Natural Theology

PHL 514 Later Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

THL 507 Introduction to Liturgy

SPA 501 Basic Spanish I

SPA 502 Basic Spanish II

Formation Conference

Formation Conference


Human Development Workshop

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