Catholic Literature Resources Guide

Print Resources

  • Between Human and Divine: The Catholic Vision in Contemporary Literature Main PS153.C3B47 2010
  • Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Catholic American Writing Ref. PS153.C3B5 1989
  • The Book of Catholic Authors. (First- series) Informal Self-portraits of Famous Modern Catholic Writers Main S153.C3B6
  • Catholic Authors: Contemporary Biographical Sketches, 1930-1947 Ref. PN485.H6
  • The Catholic Bookman’s Guide: A Critical Evaluation of Catholic Literature Ref. Z7837.R37
  • The Catholic Imagination in American Literature Main PS153.C3L33 1997
  • The Catholic Novel: An Annotated Bibliography Ref. PN3448.C48M46
  • Catholic Women Writers: A Bio-bibliographical Sourcebook Ref. PN471.C38 2001
  • Concise Dictionary of Proper Names and Notable Matters in the Works of Dante Ref. PQ4333.T72 1968
  • A Concordance to the Collected Poems of James Joyce Main PR6019.O9Z49
  • A Concordance to the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri Ref. PQ4464.W5
  • A Concordance to the Sermons of Gerard Manley Hopkins Ref. PR4803.H44Z630 1989
  • Early Catholic Americana; a list of books and other works by Catholic authors in the United States, 1729-1830 Ref. Z7837.P24
  • Encyclopedia of Catholic Literature Ref. PN485.E53 2004
  • Fiction with a Parochial Purpose: Social Use of American Catholic Literature, 1884-1900 Main PS153.C3M4
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Comprehensive Bibliography Ref. PR4803.H44Z624 1976
  • Graham Greene: A Character Index and Guide Ref. PR6013.R44Z63348 1991
  • Graham Greene: A Checklist of Criticism Ref. PR6013.R44Z95 1970
  • A Handbook to Dante Studies Ref. PQ4339.C614
  • An Index to G. K. Chesterton Ref. PR4453.C4Z76
  • Index to the Works of John Henry Cardinal Newman Ref. BR85.N5
  • James Joyce A to Z: The Essential Reference to the Life and Work Main PR6019.O9Z533376 1995
  • John Henry Newman: A Bibliographical Catalogue of His Writings Ref. BX4705.N5B52
  • John Henry Newman: An Annotated Bibliography of His Tract and Pamphlet Collection Ref. Z7755.E27 1984
  • Literary Giants, Literary Catholics Main PR471.P434 2005
  • A Literary and Biographical History; or, Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics, from the Breach with Rome, in 1534, to the Present Time Ref. Z2010.G483 1999
  • The Literature of Spiritual Values and Catholic Fiction Main PS153.C3G33 1996
  • Masterpieces of Catholic Literature in Summary Form Ref. BX885.M2 1965
  • The Modern Catholic Novel in Europe Main PN485.F73 1994
  • Orestes A. Brownson: A Bibliography, 1826-1876 Ref. BX4705.B854C37 1997
  • To Promote, Defend, and Redeem: The Catholic Literary Revival and the Cultural Transformation of American Catholicism, 1920-1960 Main PS153.C3S6 1990
  • Some Catholic Writers Main PR120.C3M35 2007
  • Works and Criticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Comprehensive Bibliography Ref. Z8415.6.C63


  • The Chesterton Review
  • Gilbert Magazine

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