Christian Art and Iconography Guide

Print Resources

  • Angels A to Z Ref. BL477.L45 2008
  • Art of the Christian World, A.D. 200-1500: A Handbook of Styles and Forms Ref. N7832.A72
  • The Bible and the Saints Ref. BS513.2.D8313 1994
  • Bildlexikon der Heiligen, Seligen und Namenspatrone Main BX4655.8.S39 1999
  • Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy Main NA4605.M43 2009
  • Christian Iconography; The History of Christian Art in the Middle Ages Main N783.D4913 1965
  • Church Monastery Cathedral: An Illustrated Guide to Christian Symbolism Ref. BV150.W5 1990
  • Church Symbolism; An Explanation of the More Important Symbols of the Old and New Testament, the Primitive, the Mediaeval and the Modern Church Ref. BV150.W4 1938
  • The Dent Dictionary of Symbols in Christian Art Ref. N7825.S68 1994
  • Dictionary of Christian art Ref. BV150.A66 1994
  • Ecclesiastical Utensils, Crosses and Reliquaries of the Christian Churches Main BV150.K572 1992
  • Encyclopedia of Medieval Church Art Ref. N7943 .A1T37 1993
  • Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume: Compiled from Ancient Authorities and Examples Rare Books 15311
  • A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art Main N8010.S54 1975b
  • The Icon: Its Meaning and History Main BX378.5.Z5313 1993
  • Iconography of Christian Art Main N7830.S35 1971
  • Medieval Art: A Topical Dictionary Main N7850.R67 1996
  • Outward Signs: The Language of Christian Symbolism Ref. BV150.W47 1989
  • The Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture Ref. N7830.M87 1996
  • Post-Biblical Saints Art Index: A Locator of Paintings, Sculptures, Mosaics, Icons, Frescoes, Manuscript Illuminations, Sketches, Woodcuts, and Engravings, Created from the 4th Century to 1950, with a Directory of the Institutions Holding Them Reference N8079.5.R63 1994
  • Saints and Their Symbols : Recognizing Saints in Art and in Popular Images Ref. BX4655.3.L3613 2004
  • Saints in Art Ref ND1430.G5513 2003
  • A Sense of the Sacred: Theological Foundations of Sacred Architecture and ArtMain NA4605.S43 2005
  • Symbolism in Liturgical Art Main N7825.A7
  • Symbols of the Christian Faith Ref. BV150.S77 2002
  • Thesaurus of Religious Objects: Furniture, Objects, Linen, Clothing and Musical Instruments of the Roman Catholic Ref. BX1925.T48 1999
  • Vestments and Vesture, A Manual of Liturgical Art Main BV167.R6 1950


  • A Journal of the Arts & Religion

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