Church History Resources Guide

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Standard Histories

Selected Primary Sources

Other Sources


  • American Benedictine Review
  • American Catholic Studies
  • Catholic Historical Review
  • Christian History
  • Church History
  • Downside Review
  • Eastern Churches Journal
  • Estudios Ecclesiasticos
  • Heythrop Journal
  • Journal of Church and State
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies
  • Journal of Ecclesiastical History
  • Journal of the History of Ideas
  • Journal of the History of Philosophy
  • Journal of Religious History
  • Louvain Studies
  • Mediaeval Studies
  • Medieval Philosophy and Theology
  • Patristic and Byzantine Review
  • Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie medievales
  • Revue d’Histoire Ecclesiastique
  • Speculum
  • U.S. Catholic Historian
  • Vigiliae Christianae

Online Sources