Latin Language & Literature Resources Guide

Print Resources

  • Ancient Roman Writers Ref. PN451 .D53 vol.211
  • Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism Ref. PN610 .C53
  • Classical Studies: A Guide to the Reference Literature Ref. PA91 .J46 1996
  • Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin: with an appendix of Latin expressions defined and clarified Ref. PA2891 .S74 1995
  • A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases Ref. PA2365 .E5 M67 1998
  • Greek and Latin Authors, 800 B.C.-A.D. 1000 Ref. PA31 .G7
  • Illustrated Latin Dictionary Main PA2361 .K64
  • Latin for the Illiterati: Exorcizing the Ghosts of a Dead Language Ref. PA2365 .E5 S76 1996
  • Lexicon recentis latinitatis: editum cura operis fundati cui nomen latinitas Ref. PA2914 .L49 1992
  • Medieval Latin Dictionary Ref. PA2890 .N54 2002
  • The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature Ref. PA31 .H69 1989
  • Oxford Latin Dictionary Ref. PA2365 .E5 O9 1982
  • A Student’s Latin Grammar Main PA2087.5 .G75 1992
  • Vocabularium canonicum: Latino - Anglicum Ref. PA2915 .B87 1986
  • Wheelock’s Latin Grammar Main PA2087.5 .W44 1992


  • The Classical Quarterly (JSTOR)
  • The Classical Review (JSTOR)
  • The Classical Weekly (JSTOR)
  • Dante Studies (JSTOR)
  • Harvard Studies in Classical Philology (JSTOR)
  • Hermes (JSTOR)
  • Journal of Roman Studies (JSTOR)
  • Latinitas
  • Vox Latina

Online Resources


  • JSTOR [password required for access]