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  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy Ref. B41 .E5
  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed. Ref. B51 .E53 2005
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Ref. B51 .R68 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy Ref. B163 .E53 1997
  • Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment Ref. B802 .E53 2003
  • Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy Ref. B804 .E43 1999
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology Ref. BF31 .E52 2000
  • Encyclopedia of Aesthetics Ref. BH56 .E53 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics Ref. BJ63 .E44 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Ethics Ref. BJ63 .E45 2001


  • Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy Ref. B41 .B53 1994
  • Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy Ref. B41 .C35 1995
  • A Dictionary of Philosophy Ref. B41 .D534 1996
  • Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion Ref. B41 .R43 198
  • A Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations Ref. B68 .D53 1992
  • Plato Dictionary Ref. B351 .S7
  • A Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas Ref. B765 .T54 D38
  • Philosophical Dictionary Ref. B791 .B765 2003
  • New Dictionary of Existentialism Ref. B 819 .N28
  • Historical Dictionary of Descartes and Cartesian Philosophy Ref. B1831 .H57 2003
  • Dictionary of Psychology Ref. BF31 .C65 2001
  • Dictionary of Ethics, Theology, and Society Ref. BJ63 .D53 1996

See also the Blackwell Philosopher Dictionaries and some volumes of the Cambridge Companions to Philosophy series for dictionaries on individual philosophers.

Historical Studies
  • The Columbia History of Western Philosophy Ref. B72 .C593 1999
  • A History of Philosophy Main B72 .C62 1993
  • Oxford History of Western Philosophy B72 .O8 1994
  • Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece Main B171 .M44 2005
  • Augustine through the Ages Ref. B655 .Z69 A84 1999
  • Medieval Philosophers Ref. B721 .M45 1992


  • American Philosophical Quarterly (JSTOR)
  • American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
  • British Journal for the History of Philosophy (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy
  • Ethics & Medicine
  • European Journal of Philosophy (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Faith and Philosophy
  • Forum Philosophicum (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Hastings Center Report (JSTOR)
  • Heythrop Journal
  • History of Philosophy Quarterly
  • History and Philosophy of Logic (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Idealistic Studies
  • International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion (JSTOR)
  • International Journal of Philosophical Studies
  • International Philosophical Quarterly
  • Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy
  • Journal of Applied Philosophy (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Journal of Ethics (JSTOR)
  • Journal of the History of Philosophy
  • Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
  • Journal of Political Philosophy
  • Journal of Social Philosophy  (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Journal of the History of Ideas (JSTOR)
  • Journal of the Philosophy of Education (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Linacre Quarterly
  • Medieval Philosophy and Theology
  • Metaphilosophy (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Monist (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (Religion and Philsophy Collection)
  • Philosophical Forum (Religion and Philosophy Collection)
  • Philosophical Quarterly
  • Philosophical Review (JSTOR)
  • Philosophical Studies (JSTOR)
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy East and West (JSTOR)
  • Philosophy Today
  • Phronesis: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy
  • Review of Metaphysics
  • Studia Logica (JSTOR)
  • Studies in Christian Ethics
  • Thomist

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