Sign Language Resources Guide

Print Resources

  • American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Dictionary Ref. HV2475.S77 1993
  • American Sign Language Dictionary Ref. HV2475.S78 1998
  • The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary Main HV2475.T46 1998
  • Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language. Volume 2 Main HV2476.4.I35 2010
  • The Joy of Signing: The Illustrated Guide for Mastering Sign Language and the Manual Alphabet Main HV2474.R53 1987
  • Learning to See: American SignLlanguage as a Second Language Main HV2474.W55 1991
  • Religious Signing Ref. HV2475.C67 1986
  • Say it in Sign: A Workbook of Sign Language Exercises Main HV2474.C38 1983
  • Signing the Scriptures: A Starting Point for Interpreting the Sunday Readings for the Deaf Main BX2003.A5A44 2003

Online Resources