Vatican II Resources Guide

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  • Acta et documenta Concilio Oecumenico Vaticano II apparando Ref. BX830 1962.P7
  • Acta synodalia sacrosancti concilii oecumenici Vaticani II Ref. BX830 1962 .P72
  • A Brief History of Vatican II Main BX830 1962.A55 2006
  • Catholicism and Religious Freedom: Contemporary Reflections on Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Liberty Main BX830 1962 .A45 D54 2006
  • Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II Ref. BX830 1962 .Z913
  • A Complete Scriptural Index for the Documents of Vatican II Pamphlets F161
  • Concerning Vatican Council II Main BX1751.2 .R313 vol.6
  • Council Speeches of Vatican II Main BX830 1962 .A3 K8
  • Concilium Vaticanum II: concordance, index, listes de fréquence, tables comparatives Ref. BX830 1962 .D39 1974
  • Council Daybook, Vatican II, Session 1-4 Ref. BX830 1962 .N3, v.1-4
  • Dictionary of the Council Ref. BX830 1962 .A48 D43
  • The Faith of Mary: Vatican II Insights on the Humanity of Mary Main BT613 .N325 2002
  • Index verborum cum documentis Concilii Vaticani secondi Ref. BX830 1962 .A48 O25
  • Keys to the Council: Unlocking the Teaching of Vatican II Main BX1407 .C6 G38 2012
  • Living Vatican II: The 21st Council for the 21st century Main BX830 1962 .O27 2006
  • A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy: Pope Pius XII’s Mediator Dei and the Second Vatican Council’s Sacrosanctum concilium, with a Comparative Study "A Tale of Two Documents" Main BX1970 .N52 2002
  • Rediscovering Vatican II series:
  1. The Church and the World: Gaudium et spes, Inter mirifica Main BX830 1962 .A45 C9868 2005
  2. Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis redintegratio, Nostra aetate Main BX1784 .C35 2005
  3. The Church in the Making: Lumen Gentium, Christus Dominus, Orientalium Ecclesiarum Main BX1753.G255 2006
  4. The Laity and Christian Education: Apostolicam actuositatem, Gravissimum educationis Main BX830 1962 .A45 A7435 2006
  5. Scripture: Dei Verbum Main BX830 1962 .A45 D454 2006
  6. Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium Main BX830 1962 .A45 C645 2007
  7. Religious Life and Priesthood: Perfectae caritatis, Optatam totius, Presbyterorum ordinis Main BX1912 .C668 2008
  8. Evangelization and Religious Freedom: Ad gentes, Dignitatis humanae Main BX830 1962 .A45 A572 2009
  • Reliving Vatican II: It’s all about Jesus Christ Main BX830 1962 .R524 2006
  • Romano Guardini: A Precursor of Vatican II Main BX4705 .G73 K75 1997
  • Sources of Renewal: The Implementation of the Second Vatican Council Main BX1751.2 .J6613
  • Still interpreting Vatican II: Some Hermeneutical Principles Main BX830 1962 .R87 2004
  • Theological highlights of Vatican II Main BX830 1962 .B4268 2009
  • Third Session Council Speeches of Vatican II Main BX830 1962 .A3 L4
  • Vatican Council II: The Basic Sixteen Documents: Constitutions, Decrees, Declarations Ref. BX830 1962 .A3 F54 1996
  • Vatican II: Assessment and Perspectives: Twenty-Five Years after (1962-1987) Main BX830 1962 .V322 1988
  • What Happened at Vatican II Main BX830 1962 .O46 2008
  • Xavier Rynne (Father Francis X. Murphy), Redemptorist priest and journalist reports from the Council:
  1. In one volume: Vatican Council II Main BX830.1962 .R94 1999
  2. In separate volumes: Letters from Vatican City Main BX830 1962 .R9
  3. The second session; the debates and decrees of Vatican Council II, September 29 to December 4, 1963 Main BX830 1962.R91
  4. The third session Main BX830 1962 .R93
  5. The fourth session; the debates and decrees of Vatican Council II Main BX830 1962 .R88

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