Bachelor of Arts Curriculum

I College

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

COM 101 Oral Communication

ENG 105 Great Works of Western Literature I

ENG 101 College Composition

HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II

HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I

MTH 106 College Algebra & Trigonometry

LAT 105 Elementary Latin I

LAT 106 Elementary Latin II

THL 101 Perspectives of Catholic Belief

PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy

Formation Conference

THL 103 Introduction to Liturgy


Formation Conference


II College

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ENG 205 Great Works of Western      Literature II

BIO 201 Human Biology

LAT 205 Intermediate Latin I

LAT 206 Intermediate Latin II

PHL 203 Logic

PHL 204 Epistemology

PSY 201 Human Development Through        the Life Stages

THL 203 Introduction to Scripture

Formation Conference

Formation Conference


III College

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

HUM 301 Humanities

GRK 302 Elementary Greek II

PHL 303 Metaphysics

PHL 304 Natural Theology

GRK 301 Elementary Greek I

PHL 305 Ancient Philosophy

THL 303 Introductory Church History

THL 304 Christian Commitment and the    Moral Life

Formation Conference

Formation Conference


IV College

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

GRK 406 Greek New Testament Readings

SPA 402 Basic Spanish II

PHL 401 Philosophy of Man

PHL 402 Ethics

PHL 405 Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy

PHL 406 Later Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

SPA 401 Basic Spanish I

THL 402 Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

Formation Conference

COM 401 Oral Communication II


Formation Conference