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5/4/20 - "Strong communications key to restoring parish life after COVID-19"
4/24/20 - "Archdiocese plans for renewal of parish life after pandemic"
3/20/20 - "Praying remotely doesn't mean we're distanced from Christ" 
3/20/20 - "As public Masses cease, faithful move devotions online"
  2/26/20 - news story about the installation of Archbishop Perez
2/6/20 - news story about the 2020 Cardinal Foley Lecture (on page 12)
2/5/20 - "Even More Questions from the Internet about Priests"
1/30/20 - The 2020 John Cardinal Foley Lecture with Fr. Mike Schmitz (video)
1/29/20 - news story about the 2020 Cardinal Foley Lecture
1/29/20 - "Answering the Internet's Most Asked Questions About Priests" (video)


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