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4/3/19 - Seminarian homiletics podcast for the Fifth Sunday of Lent
3/29/19 - Seminarian homiletics podcast for the Fourth Sunday of Lent
3/22/19 - Seminarian homiletics podcast or the Third Sunday of Lent
3/15/19 - Seminarian homiletics podcast for the Second Sunday of Lent
3/6/19 - Seminarian homiletics podcast for the First Sunday of Lent
3/5/19 - "St. Thomas and St. Francis de Sales offer sage advice for fasting this Lent"
2/2/19 - "Cardinal Foley lecture: 'Changes of heart and mind and culture' are needed"
2/1/19 - "Speaker says church leaders have hurt 'real people'; 'real reform' needed"
1/31/19 - "Foley lecturer calls for candor, unity among needed church reforms"
1/30/19 - "Vatican adviser says 'real reform', not spin, key to recovery from abuse crisis"
1/22/19 - "Week-long work goes into homily prep for, and with, parishioners"
9/14/18 - "Simple approach to everyday holiness focus of parish talk"
8/31/18 - "Archbishop Chaput to pope: Cancel youth synod, meet about bishops"
8/29/18 - "Archbishop Chaput to join panel on young people and faith"
8/15/18 - Interview with Gary Zimak for “Spirit in the Morning” show
8/10/18 - Interview for "Friday LIVE!" program on Domestic Church Media (segment @ approximately 4:30 p.m.)


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