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Dailey, Thomas.  "The Church at 30,000 Feet:  Appeciating Pope Francis's Interviews with Journalists."
Forthcoming in the Journal of Catholic Social Thought, volume 16/2, Summer 2019.

Dailey, Thomas.  "Preaching as Praying: Complementary Methods for Sacred Eloquence."
Published in New Theology Review, volume 31/1, October 2018, pp. 11-17.

Dailey, Thomas.  "Missionary Discipleship in the Thought of Pope Francis."
White paper produced for the Catholic Leadership Institute, August 2018.

Dailey, Thomas.  "From Francis to Francis: How a Saint and a Pope Share a Vision of Preaching."
Published in Love Is the Perfection of the Mind (2017), pp. 19-34.

Dailey, Thomas.  "The Sacred Visioning of Salesian Spirituality."
Published in the Indian Journal of Spirituality, volume 30/2, April-June 2017, pp. 117-126.

Schiller, Matthew.  "Communication and Mercy"  (presentation at 2016 Cardinal Foley Symposium).
excerpt published in The Catholic Journalist, volume 68/6, August 2016, p. 2.

Dailey, Thomas.  "Meeting the Digital Challenge to Evangelization." 
Published in Rambling Spirit, issue #3, Spring 2015, pp. 4-5.

Dailey, Thomas.  "Evangelization and Social Communications with Pope Francis."
Published in ORIGINS, issue 43/35, 6 February 2014, pp. 577-582.

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Published in the Indian Journal of Spirituality, volume 17/4, 2004, pp. 319-331.

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Published in Homiletic & Pastoral Review,  May 2000, pp. 56-60.

Mackey, Dom Henry.  St. Francis de Sales as Preacher: A Study.  Trans. by Thomas Dailey, OSFS.
Published by the Indian Institute of Spirituality (Bangalore, India) in 1992.

Winklehner, Herbert.  St. Francis de Sales: Patron of Journalists.  Edited by Thomas Dailey, OSFS.
Published by the Salesian Center for Faith & Culture (Center Valley, PA) in 2004.