Transfer of Credits

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary Academic Maximum Time Frames for Completing Degree Requirements
Students are expected to complete their program of study (degree) in the number of semesters indicated in the catalog. Transfer students will be placed in an appropriate semester on the basis of credits transferred. Such students will be expected to complete their degree according to the remaining semesters in their program plus one additional semester to allow for scheduling difficulties.
The maximum time frame for completing baccalaureate degree requirements is ten years for full-time students. Transfer credits earned at other institutions that are applicable to the student’s program of study will be considered in determining the student’s maximum time frame for program completion.
Master of Divinity Duration and Location
In order to fulfill the demands of the Master of Divinity Degree Program within the context of the Theology Division’s four-fold program of Human Formation, Spiritual Formation, Intellectual Formation, and Pastoral Formation, a minimum of three academic years of full- time residential work or its equivalent is required (ninety-one semester credit hours).
Seminarians presenting acceptable transfer credits earned at another accredited institution must gain a majority of the total number of credits required for the Master of Divinity from Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary before such degree can be granted by Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. All Master of Divinity Degree Program courses are offered solely on the campus of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, Overbrook.


Please refer to the Seminary Catalog for more details for the Transfer of Credit Policies for the College Seminary, Theology Seminary and School of Theological Studies.