Emergency Alerts & Notices



Whenever an emergency exists or a situation makes it necessary to immediately notify the Saint Charles Seminary community, the Seminary Messaging System will be put into effect.

This messaging system helps the Seminary to send emergency text alerts and other important notifications to you quickly during a major crisis or emergency through all of your pre-registered devices (cell phone, text, email, computer, and other hand-held devices). 

Voice mails, E-mails and text messages can be sent immediately to your phone or other mobile device. Since Text Messages may be charged to your account, you can either opt in or opt out of receiving text messages.

We strongly encourage participation in the Seminary Messaging System. This is a voluntary program and you can withdraw at any time. Students, faculty, staff and tenants of Saint Charles Borromeo are eligible for this service.

The phone numbers and e-mail addresses you provide will be used for Seminary messages and emergency communications only.  For additional information, please visit Weather & Emergency Information for other notices.