Standards of Conduct Regarding Alcohol and Drugs


Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is committed to sustaining an environment that promotes the spiritual and intellectual formation of the campus community. The use of illegal drugs and misuse of alcohol, as well as prescription, drugs hinders this mission. Therefore, the following policy to prevent the unlawful use, possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol on campus or as part of any campus activity will apply to students, administrators, faculty and staff.

All members of the Seminary community are expected to know and comply with this Policy as well as laws governing the use of alcohol and drugs. As a condition of employment, faculty and staff (including full-time, part-time, temporary, and intermittent employees) agree to abide by the terms of this policy.


No person under twenty-one years of age shall attempt or carry out the purchase, possession, consumption or transport of alcoholic beverages on Seminary property or at any event sponsored by the Seminary. No student or employee of the Seminary shall attempt or carry out the transfer of any form of identification for the purpose of falsifying age in order to secure alcohol. No student or employee of the Seminary shall give permission or render assistance in the sale, furnishing, or providing of alcohol to any person under the age of twenty-one years. Exceptions occur when the alcohol is possessed or consumed for the following reasons:

  • For established religious purposes
  • For medical purposes when prescribed by a licensed authority
  • When lawfully employed by a licensed enterprise for the lawful sale, handling, transport or dispensing of alcoholic beverages.

Only under the conditions clearly stipulated in the Seminary guidelines is the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by students or employees twenty-one years of age and older permitted. This conditioned permission should not be interpreted to mean that the Seminary encourages the use of alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the Seminary considers intoxication, disorderliness or offensive behavior deriving from the use of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicant, regardless of a person’s age, to be unacceptable and subject to disciplinary action.

The Rector must approve requests of faculty, administration, staff, and alumni and off campus groups for events where alcohol will be served. This requirement is a systematic reminder to the campus community that the Seminary is serious about promoting responsible alcohol awareness.  Furthermore, the Seminary considers intoxication, disorderliness or offensive behavior deriving from the use of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicant, regardless of a person’s age, to be unacceptable and subject to disciplinary action.


Outdoor or public drinking of alcoholic beverage on premises owned, leased, or controlled by Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, including walkways, buildings, residential steps or porches, unenclosed patios, lawns, green spaces and the like is strictly forbidden regardless of the age of the person drinking. Only the Office of the Rector may grant exceptions to this prohibition on an event-by-event basis. Exceptions may be granted for those events where an overwhelming majority of those reasonably expected to attend an event are of legal drinking age.

Events for which exceptions have been granted must be limited to areas that are clearly demarcated and in which it is possible to exercise adequate control of access to and consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted only within the approved area designated for the event. Non-alcoholic beverages should be available at the same place as the alcoholic beverages and must be featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages. It is advisable that food items, including unsalted foods, are available throughout the event.


Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is fully committed to adhering to all statutes regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. Students, faculty and staff are expected tp knoW and comply withall applicable laws,


Any Seminary student or employee, who violates this Policy, will be subject to disciplinary sanctions and/or referral for prosecution, if warranted. Disciplinary sanctions may be up to and including; suspension, suspension without pay for employees, successful completion of a treatment program at the student or employee’s own expense and/or termination of employment or expulsion from the academic program. Any such disciplinary action taken will be in accordance with the applicable terms of the Faculty Handbook, the Administrative and Professional and/or Staff Handbooks, the Student Handbook and/or the terms of any applicable employment agreement. The Security and Safety Office assists in implementing and enforcing the alcohol policy and monitors compliance with policy.


Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary fully complies with subsection (k) of section 485 of the Higher Education Act, by providing each student, upon enrollment, a separate written notice advising the student of the penalties for drug violations. For any student who loses federal student aid eligibility due to drug violations, the institution will provide a written notice describing the ways in which the student can regain eligibility pursuant to 484(r)(1) of this law.