Student Health Services


Student Health Services   


Monday to Saturday 8am to 11am



•                  Evaluation and treatment of illness/injury (OTCs)

•                  Referrals to medical, dental, specialists and clinics

•                  Review of medical and immunizations requirements

•                  Annual Red Cross blood drive

•                  Periodic blood pressure, BMI/fat analysis, cholesterol/glucose

•                  Health letters, health alerts, and health links


Health Links:

Center for Disease Control/Prevention -

American Cancer Society -

Mayo Clinic -

Travel Medicine

Web MD -  

Merck Manuel’s

Smoking Cessation

Eating Disorders

Immunization Information

Recovery from Addiction:



Emergency – Lankenau Hospital (General # 610-476-2000).

Main Line Health (find a doctor)   or call 1-866-CALL-MLH

University of Pennsylvania (find a doctor)


Local Clinics:

 CVS Pharmacy or call 866-389-2727

 Care Stat Urgent Care or call 610-482-4949

 Advanced Urgent Care  or call 215-921-6369