Intellectual Formation

The Theology Division offers a four-year program to increase the seminarian’s own understanding of the faith and to provide him with the tools and skills necessary to elucidate the principles of the faith for the people he will serve in the ordained ministry. The various disciplines within theology are covered in the curriculum: Sacred Scripture, systematic theology, moral theology, pastoral theology, liturgy, canon law, church history and pastoral counseling. Master of Divinity and Master of Arts degrees are directed toward the attainment of:

  • A vital integration of the seminarian’s theological knowledge with his life in Christ
  • An awareness of the nature of the redemptive, sacramental Priesthood and a stronger conviction to share in its call
  • A deepening of the seminarian’s personal Catholic experience and his preparation for lasting commitment to priestly life and ministry
  • A vivid awareness of the contemporary world in which God’s saving presence is at work
  • A growing understanding of the seminarian’s Catholic faith through critical and contemporary theological reflection

At the conclusion of their studies, seminarians will have developed the capacity to understand and critically evaluate theological issues in the light of Church doctrine.