Intellectual Formation

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary College comprises a four year free standing academic program offering a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy within a broad based program of the Classical Liberal Arts.

The courses are designed to develop personal and intellectual growth while aiding the seminarian to enkindle a greater understanding of people and the world in a variety of disciplines.  The academic formation is intended to prepare each seminarian for future specialization, particularly in theology.  To achieve these goals, the curriculum provides an opportunity to gain insights appropriate to the initial stages of priestly formation and allows each seminarian to have the experience of integrating various methods of intellectual inquiry while making vocational commitment with discernment and reasonable certitude.  The College educates a man by providing an opportunity to study subjects chosen on the basis of the seminarian’s particular vocation preparation.  Additionally, its purpose is to help create an awareness of the contemporary world in which God’s saving presence is at work. 

The 36 credit hour major is embedded in a Classical Liberal Arts program made up of an additional 89 credit hours.  The curriculum is broken down as follows: 27 hours in Ancient and Modern Languages (12 hours of Latin, 9 hours of Greek, 6 hours of Spanish); 18 hours of theology; 12 hours of English; 12 hours of Western Civilization, humanities, and social science; 6 hours of free electives; 5 hours of oral communications; 3 hours each of math, biology, and psychology; making for a grand total of 125 credit hours.  Included in the 125 credit hour College program are 18 hours of required electives, (3 hours of English elective, 6 hours of philosophy electives, 3 hours of social sciences, and 6 hours of free electives).  Students may minor in one of three areas: English, Latin, and/or social science.  If a student wishes to minor in any of these areas, he will take 6 more elective hours to fulfill requirements for a minor.