Reserving Books

To Place Books, Videos, etc. on Reserve:

  • Submit a copy of your syllabus and gathered materials from the stacks to James Humble. Make sure to include the course number, title, and start and end date.


  • Request that library staff retrieve materials to be placed on course reserve for your class. This can be done by emailing your reserve list, or syllabus, to James Humble (
  • Articles and other photocopy materials needed for reserve can be submitted via email, or by submitting a hardcopy to the library with your reserve list.

To Request that Materials be Ordered for Reserve:

  • Notify James Humble of the title, author, publisher, edition (if applicable), and publication date of the book/video/etc.
  • Indicate that the material is for reserve and include the course number and title.

Important Note: At the end of the semester, reserve materials are removed immediately following final exams unless the professor requests that the material remain available. Personal copies are returned to the professor's department.

Faculty are asked to follow the Ryan Memorial Library's Copyright and Fair Use Policy.