St. Charles seminarians and graduates are ordained across the country!

Congratulations to our new Deacons!

  • For the Diocese of Allentown: Rev. Mr. Giuseppe C. Esposito, Rev. Mr. John C. Maria, and Rev. Mr. Zachary R. Wehr
  • For the Diocese of Arlington: Rev. Mr. Sean T. Koehr
  • For the Diocese of Harrisburg: Rev. Mr. Joshua R. Weaver
  • For the Diocese of Lincoln: Rev. Mr. Carson J. Kain and Rev. Mr. Allan N. Phan
  • For the Diocese of Raleigh: Rev. Mr. Noe Ramirez
  • For the Congregation of the Mission, the Vincentians: Rev. Mr. Leo Tiburcio, C.M. and Rev. Mr. Luis Romero, C.M.

And congratulations to our new Priests!

  • For the Diocese of Allentown: Reverend John Hutta
  • For the Diocese of Arlington: Reverend Christopher Tipton
  • For the Diocese of Harrisburg: Reverend Richard Lyons and Reverend Timothy Sahd
  • For the Diocese of Lincoln: Reverend Luke Fleck
  • For the Oblates of Saint Joseph in the Diocese of Fresno: Reverend Stephen Spencer, OSJ
  • For the Diocese of Raleigh: Reverend Marlon Mendieta-Rodas

Pray for our servant leaders!

Click HERE for ordination galleries.

For the Vincentians, you can view their flickr gallery HERE. For the Oblates of Saint Joseph, the gallery is available at Paul Flores Photography.