Krol Chair of Moral Theology

The John Cardinal Krol Chair of Moral Theology was founded by His Eminence Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua in January of 1990. The Krol Chair, named in honor of a great churchman who clearly and unwaveringly proclaimed the moral demands of Christian life, was established to enhance the Seminary’s efforts to promote a better understanding, appreciation and acceptance of Catholic moral teaching.

Through teaching, lectures, symposiums, workshops and publications, the Krol Chair contributes to the seminary’s primary mission of preparing men for pastoral service as ordained priests and to its secondary mission of educational outreach to the broader Church community. In these ways, the Krol Chair augments the theological enterprise of the seminary and directly responds to the Second Vatican Council’s charge that: "...special care be given to the perfecting of Moral Theology. Its scientific exposition, more deeply rooted in Sacred Scripture, is to illustrate the eminent vocation that the faithful have in Christ and the obligation they have to bear fruit in charity for the life of the world" (The Decree on Priestly Formation, 16).

The previous holder of the Krol Chair was Rev. Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R.  A Redemptorist priest of the Baltimore Province, Father Billy was professor of the history of moral theology and Christian spirituality at the Alphonsian Academy of Rome’s Pontifical Lateran University for more than 20 years.  He assumed the responsibilities of the Krol Chair in the summer of 2008.