School of Theological Studies

Education for all the Christian Faithful



The School of Theological Studies was founded in 1969 with the intention of educating all the Christian faithful.  Through the years, we have conferred over 1,050 graduate degrees and hundreds of Undergraduate certificates.  In addition, each year, the School serves hundreds of students with catechetical programs to teach and promulgate the Catholic faith.  The degree program we offer is the Master of Arts in Theology.   We offer online Catechetical Institute courses for school teachers, catechists, and adults seeking to learn the Catholic faith.  

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IMPORTANT - Campus, Weather, & Emergency INFORMATION:
  • Please be aware that we have a School Messenger alert system in place at St. Charles Seminary.  (See below for additional information)
  • In order to secure the safety of our faculty, students, and visitors, doors throughout the campus will be locked. This will be effective immediately. Your id badge will allow you to gain access.  Please have your id badge on you at all times.  If you are in need of a St. Charles Student ID Badge, please contact the STS Office at 610-785-6287 or immediately to obtain one. 
  • In the event of an official class cancellation or campus closing due to weather, power outage, or other emergency, notice can be obtained from the communications listed below.  If there is a one-hour or two-hour delay during the day, the evening classes will remain on the same 6:30 - 9:30 P.M. schedule unless otherwise informed.  

    St Charles Borromeo Seminary Procedures in the event of closing - School of Theological Studies:

    1. School Messenger System will send out the notification –  Please make sure you have opted into this system.  If you have not received a test message in the past, you will need to send a text to :  675-87 with the letter Y in the message.  That will "opt-in" your cell number to receive future text messages.  It is recommended that you opt in to text messages as we will be using this system as our main means of communication in the event of emergencies, changes, or closings.  

    2. Phone Message:  Call -- 610-667-3394, menu #7.  This system will not take messages; it will only make an announcement.

    3. St Charles Borromeo Seminary Web Site:  or