Introducing the Propaedeutic Year (Effective August 2023)

The vision of seminary formation has been greatly enhanced by the 2016 Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, which offers a very holistic approach to training and forming men for the ministerial priesthood. The new 6th edition of the Program for Priestly Formation (USCCB), has confirmed and implemented this vision by requiring programs to examine themselves through the lens of “stages”, instead of academic structures.  The “Propaedeutic Stage” is the first stage, designed to be a period of preparation that enables the men to properly enter into the life of the seminary with a solid foundation of human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation.  During this stage, participants begin to develop a life of prayer, study, fraternity and appropriate docility to formation (PPF).

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary has significantly benefitted from offering a “propaedeutic stage” through its well-established “Spiritual Year,” now in its 9th year of operation. Based on much practical experience, and with the wisdom of our seasoned formators, we are well equipped to transition to the new model envisioned by the Ratio and the PPF#6.  Effective Fall 2023, the Seminary will begin offering two distinct Propaedeutic Year programs – one for those entering Pre-Theology, and one for those entering College seminary. The duration of each program will be one full calendar year (August – July).



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