Safety and Security Services

The members of the Safety Department share a primary objective to help provide a safe and secure environment through preventive patrol, emergency response, problem solving, and safety related activities. Our office is located in the Center of the House of the College Division and coordinates security for the Seminary community.
Regular foot, bicycle and vehicular patrols are conducted 24–hours a day on campus. All officers undergo continued training to upgrade their skills and have been trained in first aid and CPR and are authorized to enforce all campus regulations.
The Department of Safety & Security is a non-sworn proprietary organization. Personnel do not have powers of arrest and thus rely upon local law enforcement when the need arises. Criminal incidents are referred to the local police who have jurisdiction on the campus. We encourage anyone who is a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime on or near campus to report it both to local law enforcement and to the Department of Safety and Security at 610-785-6238 or ext. 6238.


The cooperation and involvement of students, faculty and staff in a campus safety program is essential. The entire Seminary community can and should assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. 

Dorm rooms should be locked at night and whenever the room is unoccupied. Doors, especially fire and exterior doors, must never be propped open since they present a serious fire hazard. Valuable items such as computers, stereos, cameras and electronic equipment should be marked with engraving instruments provided by the Department of Safety and Security. Bicycles should be registered and secured with a sturdy lock. Motor vehicles should be locked at all times and valuables that must be kept in the car should be secured in the trunk or covered from outside view if there is no trunk.


The Safety Office requests all students, faculty, satff and visitors to immediately report suspicious activity by dialing the Safety Office at ext. 6238 and, when a criminal incident is observed, to contact police by calling 9-1-1 and then contacting the Safety Office.


The Seminary enjoys a professional working relationship with the Lower Merion  Police Department and area law enforcement agencies. The Safety Office solicits and shares information regarding criminal activity on-and off-campus with our neighboring Police Departments on a regular basis as well as interacts on issues of campus and neighborhood safety.

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is situated on 75 acres in the Township of Lower Merion in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Lower Merion Police Department provides the Seminary with statistical information for crimes reported on public property adjacent to our campus upon request. All incidents for crimes occurring on campus or immediately adjacent to campus properties or bulidings are reported in conformance with the Campus Security and Safety Act. Persons interested in criminal incidents occurring in the jurisdictions of the Lower Merion Township and the City of Philadelphia can access these links.