Master of Arts (Philosophical Studies) - STS

The Master of Arts (Philosophical Studies) program offered through the School of Theological Studies requires a total of 36 graduate credits in philosophy coursework as well as comprehensive written and oral exams. This fully accredited degree program is offered in a combined traditional classroom and online format. The degree can be completed in 26 months.

Summer Resident students live on campus at St. Charles during the summers and take online coursework during the year. Commuter students take courses on campus during the summers and take online coursework during the year.

Tuition Rates and Room/Board Rates will be published soon.

Educational Goals of the Degree

  1. Analyze the role of the Western Philosophical tradition in the development and articulation of Christian theology, as well as the role of philosophy in the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in logic, including syllogistic logic, and philosophical argumentation.
  3. Interpret, analyze, and synthesize advanced philosophical texts and materials.
  4. Demonstrate synthesis and critical analysis of the history of philosophy and of the major toic areas in philosophical inquiry.
  5. Demonstrate facility with philosophical research and argumentation, both oral and written.


Summer #1 (9 Credits)
Ancient Philosophy, Logic, Elective Seminar (Plato’s Republic)

Fall #1 (3 Credits Online)

Spring #1 (3 Credits Online)
Medieval Philosophy

Summer #2 (9 Credits)
Metaphysics, Philosophy of the Human Person, Elective Seminar (Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Fall #2 (3 Credits Online)
Modern Philosophy

Spring #2 (3 Credits Online)

Summer #3 (MAPS Comprehensive Exam and 6 Credits)
Comprehensive Exam, Contemporary Philosophy, Natural Theology

Total Program - 12 Courses (36 Credits)



James Despres, Ph.D (Cand.), Acting Chair of the Department of Philosophy, MAPS Program Director
Michael Rombeiro, Ph.D
Eric Manchester, Ph.D


Sample Elective Seminar Courses

Plato’s Republic
The Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas
Philosophical Atheism
Readings in St. Augustine


Comprehensive Exam and MAPS Study Guide

The MAPS Comprehensive Exam, administered in Summer #3, includes a three hour written examination and a thirty minute oral examination. A study guide is available to guide preparation for this exam. The Exam covers the core coursework, as follows: Ancient Philosophy, Logic, Epistemology, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of the Human Person and Modern Philosophy.


Admissions Requirements

To be eligible to seek the MAPS Degree, students must apply and be accepted to the School of Theological Studies. Students must

  1. possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university
  2. demonstrate evidence of academic ability (this requirement is normally met by an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher), and
  3. have the permission of the MAPS Program Director who will consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Dean of the School of Theological Studies.


Admissions Application

Applicants may initiate an application on the Admissions Page. You will be asked to confirm your email address. You may return to the application at any time, as your data will be saved. If you have any questions about our MAPS Degree program or how to apply, please call us at 610-785-6287.