Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary

School of Theological Studies


Students may withdraw from a course no later than one week before the final examination. Notice of withdrawal must be submitted to the Academic Dean of the School of Theological Studies in writing. Notifying the instructor does not constitute an official withdrawal. Failure to officially withdraw may result in a grade of “F” on your transcript.


Refund Policy

Withdrawal before the second class:               75%

Withdrawal before the third class:                  50%

Withdrawal after third class:                          0%


Please use the form below when withdrawing from a course.




School of Theological Studies

Withdrawal Form



Social Security Number:_______-_____-_______








Semester (circle one):    Fall       Spring        Summer       Year:__________


Course Number:____________


Course Name:_______________________________________________________


Student Signature:________________________________________    Date:____________


Academic Dean

Signature:_______________________________________________     Date:____________

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