Building Alarms

Building Alarms

In case of a fire, employees should actuate the nearest fire alarm box and/or make a telephone call to the local Fire Department at 9-911. All students, resident priests and employees should familiarize themselves with the locations of these fire alarms.

It may be necessary to activate additional fire alarm boxes, or shout the alarm, if people are still in the building and the alarm has stopped sounding, or if the alarm does not sound. This can be done while exiting.

Persons discovering a fire, smoky condition, or explosion should pull the fire alarm box. Any pertinent fire or rescue information should be conveyed to the Fire Department. To report all other emergencies, employees should call the Safety & Security Department (267-400-2438). State your name, your location, and the nature of the call. Speak slowly and clearly. Wait for the dispatcher to hang up first. On occasion the dispatcher may need additional information or may provide you with additional instructions.

Evacuation Procedures for Building Occupants

  • When the emergency alarm sounds, all personnel should ensure that nearby persons are aware of the emergency, quickly shutdown operating equipment (e.g., electric, gas etc…), close doors and exit the building using the nearest exit.
  • All occupants should proceed to their Designated Meeting Site and await further instructions from a Safety Officer.
  • All persons should know where primary and alternate exits are located and be familiar with the various evacuation routes available.
  • Building occupants must NOT use elevators as an escape route in the event of a fire.
  • Notes and Precautions:
  • Small fires can be extinguished only if you are trained to use a fire extinguisher. However, an immediate readiness to evacuate is essential.
  • All fires, even those that have been extinguished, must be reported to 911 immediately.
  • Never enter a room that is smoke filled.
  • Never enter a room if the door is warm to touch.

In Case of Fire

R – Rescue: When you discover a fire, rescue people in immediate danger if you can do so without endangering yourself. Exit via safe fire exit. Never use elevators. Close doors to room with fire.

A – Alarm: Sound the alarm by pulling a fire box and call 911 and Security, from a safe distance, to notify the fire command center of precise location of the fire.

C – Confine: Close all doors, windows, and other openings.

E – Evacuate: Evacuate the building.

Persons with Disabilities

Knowledge and preparation by both persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities is key to reducing the impact of emergency disasters. When developing a plan, the safety needs of persons with disabilities will be determined on a case-by-case basis because they vary with each individual and facility. Persons with disabilities utilizing the Seminary campus are invited to develop their personal emergency evacuation plan with campus staff. Campus personnel and the Security Department will assist in the development and execution of plans.


If a Person With a Disability wishes to develop an evacuation plan or discuss developing a plan with someone with a disability and are concerned about confidentiality, contact the Safety Director.

Have a disability? Develop a personal emergency evacuation plan

Safety Tips for Visitors to Saint Charles



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