Parish Workshop

Parish Communications Workshop

With funding from the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is hosting a second workshop to form parish staff in the realm of social communications.  

This all-in-one workshop — to take place on Thursday, October 5, 2023 —  will engage local and national experts to equip participants with the principles and practices of social communications, for the sake of contributing to the pastoral mission of their parish in today’s digital world:

  • by thriving in the “ecology” of parish communications today
  • by promoting “encounter” and “engagement” through digital media
  • by doing “evangelization” by way of social communications

Ultimately, participants in the workshop series will be better positioned …

  • to appreciate the need for social communications in parish life in the 21st century
  • to understand the dynamic of a church communications ecology in parish life
  • to develop skills related to information and communications technologies for parish life
  • to be familiar with educational and commercial resources for social communications in parish life
  • to form fellowship with staff from other parishes engaged in the work of social communications

The links below provide details about this year’s workshop:

Follow the links below for information from the 2022 Workshop, described by one of the participants as “an exceptional 3 days of learning how to navigate, encounter, engage and evangelize through social communications”   



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