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Spring 2023

February 25 … Sinking Spring, PA
“Profiting from Our Faults”
Lenten reflection for the Allentown Diocese’s Commission for Men, at St. Ignatius of Loyola parish

March 19 … Northampton, PA
“Profiting from Our Faults”
Lenten reflection for Queenship of Mary parish

March 21 … Philadelphia, PA
“One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church”
Zoom presentation in the Lenten series on the Creed at St. Augustine parish

March 24-25 … Atchison, KS
“Eucharist: The ‘Actual’ Presence of Jesus in a Digital World”
presentation at the Symposium on Transforming Culture at Benedictine College

May 3 … Allentown, PA
“World Communications Day: Tradition & Innovation”
presentation for the Lehigh Valley chapter of Legatus

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