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The interrelated programs of the Catholic Preaching Institute provide formation for archdiocesan clergy (priests and permanent deacons) in parish ministry.  

CPI’s programs engage clergy, seminary faculty, and laity in the development of new ideas and best practices instrumental to compelling preaching in the Roman Catholic tradition.

With a multi-faceted focus on the Word of God, CPI aims to improve preaching, thereby elevating the faithful’s appreciation of meaningful homilies.  In this way, preaching will enhance the liturgical life of parishes and make a positive impact on local communities.

Follow the links (above or below) to learn more about each program … and to engage in reviving the proclamation of the Word!

"Engaged by the Word"

Aims to study the impact of preaching in the archdiocese

"Hearing the Word"

Offers inspiring commentaries about the Sunday readings via email.

"The Word in the Pulpit"

Provides instruction to preachers on various aspects of their craft

"Disciples of the Word"

Engages clergy and laity to mentor preachers

"The Word on the Streets"

Offers a public sermon series on topics of local concern

"Festival of the Word"

Celebrates present and future ways to proclaim the Good News

"The Word at Hand"

Provides print and digital resources for preachers



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