The Word at Hand

The Catholic Preaching Institute provides clergy with multiple resources to assist them develop their craft.

  • print resources available in the Ryan Memorial Library … which will be housed in the Institute at the Seminary’s new location
  • digital resources available online and will be updated regularly
  • a literary archive includes works featured throughout the year on this website
  • a bibliographic search engine featuring access to more than 100 online sources

Click on the images below to access each collection.

The Zeteo website is a collaborative project of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  It provides access to a thought-provoking mosaic of content from more than 100 online resources through a search engine and to let your wisdom and creativity do the rest. Zeteo helps you seek out resources for whatever you’re doing—preparing a sermon, planning worship, teaching a class, or studying to deepen your faith—and find inspiration that spans a range of Christian church traditions.

Click on the image above to visit the Zeteo website!

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