Lecture Series Archive

Cardinal Foley Lecture Series Archive

Above and below you will find links to information on previous lectures, including text and video.

2014 Lecture – by Fr. Thomas Dailey, OSFS – on Evangelization & Social Communications with Pope Francis”

2015 Lecture – by John Allen, Jr. – on “How Pope Francis Models Effective Church Communications”

2016 Lecture – by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB – on “Sharing the Joy of the Gospel … With the Media & Through the Media”

2017 Lecture – by Gregory Erlandson – on “The Power of the Word:  Catholic Media & Faith Formation”

2018 Lecture – by Bishop Robert Barron – on “Word on Fire: A Story of Evangelization for the Digital Age”

2019 Lecture – by Kim Daniels – on “From Anger to Renewal:  Communications & Crisis in the Church”

2020  Lecture – by Fr.  Mike Schmitz – on “Evangelization: Telling the Story of God’s Love”

2021 Lecture – by Dr. Brett Robinson – on “Church Communications Ecology”

2022 Lecture – by Bishop Paul Tighe – on “An Ecclesial Perspective on the Digital Culture”

2023 Lecture – by Lino Rulli – on “The Present and Future of Catholic Media” 



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