Campus Smoking Policies

Campus Smoking Policies


It is the primary goal of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary to promote a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus through reducing the health and safety risks associated with tobacco smoke and careless smoking. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings, unless designated otherwise by the Rector, and certain other areas of the campus where non-smokers cannot avoid exposure to smoke.


Smoking” – is defined as the inhaling, exhaling, burning, or possessing a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or other lighted smoking product or to otherwise have control over an ignited tobacco product.

“Public place” – An enclosed area which serves as a workplace, commercial establishment, or an area where the public is invited or permitted. For purposes of this memorandum, this term includes a facility that provides education, food, or health care-related services.

“Workplace.” An indoor area serving as a place of employment, occupation, business, trade, craft, professional or volunteer activity.

Designated Smoking Areas

Smoking is permitted generally in outside grounds areas and spaces designated by the Office of the Rector and beyond twenty-five (25) feet of campus buildings and their entrances, exits, windows, and ventilation intakes. All designated smoking areas will be equipped with approved smoking receptacles where discarded tobacco products must be placed. For fire safety purposes, smokers shall completely extinguish lighted tobacco products prior to discarding tobacco products in receptacles. These receptacles must not be used as refuse containers since this could create a fire hazard.

Prohibited Locations

Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings, workplaces and public places including but not limited to residence halls, private residences, classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, offices, work areas, study areas, reception areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, computer labs, food preparation and eating areas, lounges, and restrooms, and within twenty five (25) feet of all campus buildings.

Unless designated otherwise by the Rector, smoking is prohibited in all partially enclosed areas such as covered walkways, breezeways, balconies, porches, walkways between sections of buildings, transportation shelters, exterior stairways, and landings and in all vehicles owned or leased by the Seminary. The Seminary reserves the right to explicitly prohibit smoking during a particular event or activity scheduled in/or near a designated smoking area.


Effective implementation of the Smoking Policy depends upon the courtesy, sensitivity, and cooperation of all members of the campus community. It is a normal and reasonable duty of all students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors to Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary to comply with this policy. Each Dean, Director or Department Chair is responsible for ensuring policy compliance within areas under his/her jurisdiction and assuring that the policy is communicated to all students, faculty, and staff members. Complaints or reports about infractions of this policy should be made to the Director of Safety & Security Services.

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