ID Cards & Key Access

ID Cards & Key Access

Identification Cards

Identification Cards are issued by the Safety Office for the general use and security of the Seminary buildings and grounds and to ensure that all visitors are properly identified, issued identification passes, and information recorded in the applicable visitors log.

All members of the campus community should visibly wear their identification cards while on Seminary property unless otherwise exempted by the Rector or his designee. Under no circumstances may a member of the Seminary community loan or provide their assigned card to any other person.  Download an Identification Card Form here.

Employee Identification Cards

When inside a building or on the grounds, all persons must produce their identification card on demand by Security Officers. Anyone who refuses to produce their identification card shall be advised to leave the grounds and reported to the Safety Office. Employees staying after normal business hours must notify the Safety Office at 610-785-6238 to be recorded in the log book. When leaving the campus, employees must check out at the gatehouse and inform Security Officers of their departure in order to be logged out.

Visitor Identification Passes

All unescorted persons (e.g., vendors, delivery persons, contractors etc.) will be considered visitors and are required to check in with security personnel if they are seeking admittance.

Exceptions to this policy will be law enforcement personnel from outside agencies in uniform or otherwise identifiable, EMS or Fire Department personnel responding to a medical, fire, or hazmat emergency, or mail delivery persons known by personal recognition. Also, contractors or employees may be exempted from wearing identification cards by the Safety Office when the cards interfere with their work or position.

All visitors will log out at the Security gatehouse when leaving the Seminary and all visitor identification badges will be collected. Guests will be requested to provide the name of the campus member they wish to visit and if they have an appointment. Security Officers will check the appointment schedule and if the person does not have an appointment, the Campus member will be contacted to determine if the visitor will be admitted to the Campus. All visitors (including escorted persons) will be documented into the Visitor Logbook and will be issued a Visitor’s Identification Pass prior to being admitted to the campus. Visitors will be instructed to visibly display the Visitor’s Identification Pass at all times while in or on Seminary property.

NOTE: Whenever a person is not recognized and is not wearing an employee identification card or Visitor’s pass, please report this incident immediately to the Safety and Security Department.

Request for Keys


To provide for the orderly distribution of locks and keys in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, resident priests, staff, tenants, and their visitors.


The Director of Safety & Security Services will approve all requests for the installation or replacement of locks and to authorize the issuance of keys and key cards including replacement or duplication.


All requests for keys and locks must be submitted in the form of an official work order for possible approval by the Director of Safety and Security Services.  The work order must include the building location, room number and justification for the request.  The work order must be signed by the Department Head or appropriate administrator responsible for the area.

The Director of Safety & Security Services will determine if the request is feasible and does not compromise security in the area.  If the Director of Safety & Security Services deems the request valid, approval for the request will be granted and the work order completed.  Should the request be denied, the Director of Safety & Security Services will notify the requestor and the Vice Rector, in writing, stating the reason for refusal.

Students, Faculty, employees, and staff must immediately report lost, stolen, or misplaced keys to the Safety Office.

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