Persons with Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education, and employment for persons with disabilities. Faculty, staff, and students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to develop their own facilities’ evacuation plans and identify their primary and secondary evacuation routes from each building they use. A friend or fellow employee should assist how to assist him/her in case of emergency. Download a Personal Evacuation Plan Form to create and have on file. If you need assistance, a Safety Officer will assist you in completing this form.

Assisting Persons With Disabilities During an Emergency: Guidelines

  • Assign office, class, and event locations, if possible, in the most accessible locations for the person with a disability.
  • Ensure egress routes and areas of refuge are always clear and properly marked. Participate in and help identify gaps in evacuation plans during practice drills.
  • Respect that the person with the disability may be the best authority on how to be evacuated.
  • Provide adequate notice that a potential danger exists and that evacuation should begin. Offer assistance but let the person explain what help is needed.
  • Carrying a person is not advisable except in the most extreme of circumstances.
  • Be aware that a service animal’s sense of direction may become confused during an emergency.
  • Do not abandon the person after exiting a building. Lead to a safe place with others.

Assisting Persons Using Wheelchairs

Be familiar with designated areas of refuge and location of evacuation equipment for wheelchair users. If the person is unable to speak clearly, look for a sign on the chair with printed instructions.

Only in situations of extreme danger should untrained people attempt to carry a person in a wheelchair. Prior to moving the person, check for life-support equipment.

Be aware that wheelchairs have parts not designed to handle the stress of lifting. (If Evacuation Wheelchairs are available, this equipment should be placed in a readily accessible area to the individual). If you and/or others cannot safely carry a person up/down stairs, DON’T. Instead:

  • Position the person in the safest place possible according to the emergency.
  • Alert emergency personnel of the person’s location.
  • Proceed to an Area of Refuge with an evacuation assistant, going to an area of refuge away from obvious danger. The evacuation assistant will then go to the building evacuation assembly point and notify the on-site emergency personnel of the location of the person with a disability. Emergency personnel will determine if further evacuation is necessary.

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