Vehicles on Campus

Vehicles on Campus

Parking Permits

Parking on campus throughout the year is by permit only. Students, staff, and faculty must register their vehicles with the Safety Office. The person who registers a vehicle is responsible for assuring that the vehicle, regardless of who drives it, is parked in conformance with Seminary regulations. All vehicles must display current motor vehicle registration and inspection stickers as well as a valid Seminary Parking permit visibly displayed inside of a vehicle. These regulations apply to all motor vehicles as defined by Title 75, Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Download a Parking Permit Request Form.

Parking regulations regarding handicapped spaces, fire lanes, loading zones, fire hydrants and obstruction of other vehicles or traffic are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to be familiar with and comply with all parking regulations. Parking privileges may be suspended or terminated for violations of regulations.

Safe Operation of Vehicles

The roads on campus are private lanes maintained by the Seminary for the convenience of its personnel, students, and visitors. Because those roads are used for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is necessary that all vehicles be operated at or below the speed limit of 15 MPH. Applicable Pennsylvania motor vehicle laws must be obeyed.


Officers of the Department of Safety & Security Services regularly patrol campus parking lots. However, no liability is created by the granting of parking or vehicle operating privileges on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. The Seminary assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of vehicles or contents while operated or parked on campus property. 

Parking Areas

Parking permit recipients may park their vehicles in any legal Faculty/Staff or Visitor (see exceptions below) between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Parking in a student lot other than your assigned lot is prohibited at all times.

  • College Division students MUST park in the “E ” lot and the road behind the College Division.  
  • Theology Division students MUST park in “A”, “B” (designated spaces) and “D“ lots.
  • Staff MUST park in the front of the college division or in “E” lot.
  • Resident Faculty will park in the front of the college division and spaces designated by the Safety & Security Office.

Exceptions: The Seminary reserves the right to re-assign student, faculty and staff parking spaces as the need arises due to special events, weather conditions or any emergency.


Vehicles parked in a manner that presents a safety hazard may be ticketed by local police and/or towed at the discretion of the Safety Office. Vehicle owners will be responsible for all towing and storage fees.


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