Library Services

The Library is open to the public. Visitors should identify themselves at the Seminary entrance as library patrons and sign in at the circulation desk when they arrive.

Cost of library card (Allows patrons to borrow up to five (5) items at a time)

  • $15.00 for six months
  • $25.00 for a year

Visitor’s library cards are provided without charge to members of the following groups:

  1. Catholic priests, deacons, and religious brothers and sisters within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  2. Graduates of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary who have received a B.A., M.A., or M.Div.
  3. Persons employed by the Central Offices of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  4. Faculty and students of TCLC or SEPTLA institutions with appropriate identification and/or letter of introduction