Spiritual Year

In his Apostolic Exhortation, Pastores Dabo Vobis, Blessed Pope John Paul II called for a sufficient period of preparation prior to major seminary formation due to differences between the “style of life” in the times in which we live and the “style of life” required by seminary formation (cf. n. 62).  As a supplemental program, the Spiritual Year of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary responds to this, consistent with Vatican II teaching which called for “a suitable interval of time for a more intensive spiritual preparation” for seminarians (Optatam Totius, n. 12). 
In the Spiritual Year, which ordinarily follows the seminarian’s college graduation, the seminarian is offered the gift of time, space, and direction to develop a rich, interior prayer life.  In the process, the seminarian can achieve a deep solitude, solidifying his self-knowledge and vocational calling.  This spiritual year strives for a life-experience which will allow the seminarian to “find God in all things” such that the stillness of the year—freed from academic grades—will foster a solitude in the heart to remain with the candidate through ordination and priestly life.
Enrollment is limited.  To learn more, download the information booklet or contact Fr. Christopher Cooke, program coordinator at CCooke@scs.edu.