The Cardinal's Forum, named for the academic professorships at the Seminary, is an annual gathering to open the year of formation at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary.  Its purpose is to advance the academic formation of seminary students and provide continuing education for the lay faithful about topics of contemporary concern in the Church.

The topic for the forum is selected each year through consultation among those faculty holding endowed chairs (the Cardinal Krol Chair in Moral Theology, the Cardinal Foley Chair in Homiletics & Social Communications, and the Francesco Chair in Sacred Music) and with the insight of the Archbishop of Philadelphia. 

Typically, these four serve as panelists for the event, each offering a brief (5-minute) presentation on the topic from his perspective and then engaging the audience in a public dialogue about the topic.


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Recent research highlights the declining membership in churches and parishes, particularly among millennials … a cause of concern for all in the Church, especially seminarians who will one day become parish priests.  This year's Forum will consider possible causes of the decline and ponder potential responses to it from the varied perspectives of the panelists. Public engagement of the topic will follow by way of dialogue with the assembled audience.


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The next Cardinals' Forum is scheduled for August 25, 2020.