St. Charles Borromeo Seminary plans to follow its regular calendar and open for onsite formation and education in the Fall of 2020. The plan to open is built around the essential mission of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary while also managing the risks that Covid-19 poses to our community and the larger society. Covid-19 presents a continual evolving situation which requires an integration of risk management into all our activities while being guided by our core mission and principles.

• Mission: The mission of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary to form Priests, Deacons, and laity is not something that can wait out the pandemic. The people of God’s faith cannot be put on hold nor can the effort to train and develop new leadership in the Church. We must forge ahead with our mission while fulfilling our responsibility to help control the spread of Covid-19 and to care for the most vulnerable.

• Excellence: Forming the future leadership of the Church is an essential task, therefore we cannot simply passively accommodate to the requirements of the pandemic but rather we must assist our students to embrace their formation within these challenges—the reality of being a true minister to the people of God within the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty that they and those they are called to serve may face.

• Flexibility: We have prepared overall guidelines and individual elements may be subject to change based on the overall conditions and recommendations by local health officials. Any changes will be communicated through the Vice-Rector’s Office. (Please note: these plans assume the proper adherence to the Operational Guidelines for Health and Hygiene During the Covid-19 Pandemic ).